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I believe there is talent and genius in each of us – unique and different for each individual. I believe in a cooperative effort to help each of us identify this genius, and to nurture and support it in order to achieve its full expression.

My consulting and coaching are not limited to one method or technique. I use a wide range of tools depending on your needs: business strategy, experiential workshops, mindfulness practices, uncovering hidden issues, or even street-smart techniques.

Based on your goals and requests, I will design a custom program for you. It is my goal to help you reach your highest level of performance and success – the best you can be.

Conscious Based Improv

Workshop Facilitator

I apply principles of improvisation and conscious communications to solve your company’s specific business problems. These trainings will positively affect your company’s internal and external communication, which leads to increased effectiveness and overall performance.

What sets me apart is that I believe in custom solutions designed to address specific challenges each company is facing. I have always entered an organization with a wide open mind, listening to the issues and problems, and creating custom solutions that utilize various techniques of dynamic communication of relationships with individuals and groups.

    Available Workshops

    CEO Insights Workshop

    The CEO Insights Workshop is designed for CEOs who want to explore meaningful and insightful experiences with other peer leaders in a fun, experiential manner. The workshop will merge organizational practices, the science of improvisation, and the principles of conscious communications to uncover your inner creativity and insights for improved leadership effectiveness.

    Team Building Workshop

    Designed with custom improvisational practices, your team will develop a cohesive and cooperative exchange with each other. They will better understand how to hear others, understand their opinions, collaborate more easily, build trust, and practice connection and teamwork more effectively…..providing multiple benefits for themselves, their team, and the entire organization.

    Conscious Communication Workshop

    Based on the Conscious Communication Cycle – a communication dynamic derived from improvisational principles and interpersonal dynamics – this workshop will teach you how to listen more deeply, to clearly assess your true reactions, and to effectively respond more authentically….all designed to produce more effective and productive communications.

    Improv: Play to Succeed

    On its surface, this workshop is seemingly all play and fun…and it will be…and is therefore ideal to reduce stress for hi-stressed teams. However, in addition to the freeing of inner tensions, the workshop will naturally provide several other benefits including collaboration and cooperation, fostering creativity and innovation, improved social interaction, development of trust, and focusing on the present moment.


    Hear What Clients Are Saying

    I’ve had the pleasure of working with Bill for a few years and he has been instrumental in my growth as an engineering leader and an individual. Bill has the unique ability to focus on individual development to enhance corporate leadership and execution. He has helped me discern the right priorities, both in and out of the office, encouraging my development, output, and execution in all facets of life. Bill understands the challenges of corporate leadership and the importance centering oneself to find success. I can’t overstate how impactful working with Bill has been.

    Eric Pellish VP, Renegade Insurance

    “Bill Prinzivalli’s improv session helps any organization hone their communications skills which are essential when interacting with colleagues, prospects, and clients. We are all in a relationship business – that’s how work gets done. Sign your company up for Bill’s program and watch barriers come down creating greater understanding between individuals.”


    “Bill Prinzivalli’s coaching helped me to gain clarity on the next steps in my business development process. I was able to quickly make decisions and take action on the issues that had been holding me back for months prior.

    My communication skills have improved as well as a result of Bill’s coaching. I am now able to show up more authentically in any conversation. I can focus on the other person and be present with them, instead of being consumed by my own anxiety and insecurity. This really has made a big difference in my overall communication effectiveness.”

    Masha Lanoue Founder of Barking Creative

    You think you know why you make the decisions you do and react the way you react until you start digging beneath the surface and uncover the emotions and inner dialogues that are really pushing your buttons. An evening of improv with Bill created fast friends and a safe environment in which to delve into what truly drives my actions and provided multiple new strategies for tackling challenges at work and at home. He is creative and compassionate in working with you to help you over hurdles and get you further down the track toward whatever finish line lies ahead.

    Greg Pitkoff Founder/Managing Director of GRiP Communications LLC

    Wonderful experience – well worth the investment of time. And just you so know Bill, the experience last night has already made me a better coach. I was able to help one of my clients today, who has a boss that she really likes but he’s very flakey and it’s really impacting their work output in addition to her morale. I was able to help her first get in touch with her feelings and explore some words to say to him that felt authentic and also “safe”. We role played it a little and she was lighter and more confident by the end. Though I’ve done this before with other clients….today I was really “in tune” with what she seemed to be feeling and instead of coaching her on shifting her own energy, I coached her on being self-expressed, giving her permission to be more honest with her boss. So – THANK YOU!

    Patty Franco President of Patty Franco Coaching

    I attended Bill’s workshop without knowing what to expect. I thought working through issues using improv as a tool would be interesting. What amazed me was the depth of emotion our team reached in a short time. We all had breakthroughs either personal or professional and emerged with a deeper connection to each other. Bill is truly a master of merging the conscious and the subconscious to get results!

    Darcy Ann Flanders Founder and Chief Brand Strategist of BaselineGroupNY

    Bill Prinzivalli’s Improv workshop taught me how to be a better listener and “co-pilot” to whomever I’m working with. I also feel I learned a new way to be more intentional and authentic in my daily conversations. Learning how to identify the “be honest with yourself about your real emotions” piece was a great skill learned that I’m grateful to have taken away from the workshop. I fully believe this will be able to help me show up more authentically and deal with difficult situations, conversations, and clients much better in my business. 

    Alexandra Reilly CEO of LadyBoss Global Media, LLC

    In just one meeting, Bill has helped me transform my presentation into a concise and razor-sharp message that resonates with my clients. Bill’s energy and focus on what matters the most are extremely astute when dealing with uncertainties that come with scaling the business.

    Dmitry Trofimets co-founder of


    Meet Bill Prinzivalli

    Bill is an entrepreneur, executive coach, organizational consultant, improviser, author, speaker, and improvisational workshop facilitator.

    Bill has a vast array of experience in developing corporate and business strategies, streamlining operations, improving efficiencies, and planning for growth and/or transition. Whether the need is to help a startup or to fine-tune a mature operation, Bill will draw upon his experience of working in both small and large organizations, from his creation of 4 startup companies, and from his consulting for many organizations.

    In addition to this business experience, Bill has vast experience in the areas of mindfulness, communications, and improvisation, and judiciously integrates these practices to design a customized solution for you.

    Bill guides CEOs, executives, and their teams to access their Inner Olympian – their zone – to produce at their highest levels. This is done via 1-1 coaching sessions to identify and unleash their innate intuitive talents and integrate them with traditional business strategies to achieve extraordinary performances. Group improv workshops may also be utilized to uncover their creativity and optimize team connectivity and communications.

    Improvisational Leaders


    Improvisational Leaders is not just another business book. It will not only teach you how to achieve greater consciousness and authenticity in business, but it will also give you specific practices you can start using right away.

    You will find never before seen improv exercises for the workplace, as well as mindfulness practices, to help you access your Inner Olympian to achieve your absolute best success.

    Rather than simply lecture on these processes, this book presents a variety of tools, practices, and exercises. The practices span from ancient and proven, to the more modern ones. They also include the art form of improvisation that is both fun and experiential.

    Bill Prinzivalli


    Make your next event or podcast episode count – whether virtual or in-person.

    Bill Prinzivalli is an engaging speaker delivering practical and actionable talks. Your audience is guaranteed to be educated, get inspired and have fun at the same time.


    Topics I speak on:

    Finding your Inner Olympian

    Learn how to find your Inner Olympian, your “zone”, to be your best possible self. Apply this new awareness in your professional and personal life.

    Improv in the workplace

    Find out how improvisational techniques can help you become a better leader and increase your team’s productivity.

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